Aurélien Ammeloot

Research Associate (2011 - 2012)
PhD Student (2013 - ) 

Centre for Interaction Design 
Edinburgh Napier University 
Telephone:+44(0)131 455 2964




My first contact with the Future Interactions Network occurred in 2010 whilst working on an MSc project closely related to the ICE. The research environment in this group allowed me to bring together my love of high technology and a creative designer's approach to how things should be done and used.

I have a mixed background, being a software engineer but also having studied film and theatre at uni in the early 00s. I mostly like researching and developing novel front ends and confronting the technical barriers to the designers’ ideas, using a wide variety of methods, languages and frameworks. I also like coding the odd and more traditional iPhone, iPad or Mac app, having been speaking Objective-C fluently since 2008.

My research interests are a balanced blend of technicality and human factors, including multitouch technologies, tangible interfaces, augmented reality, as well mobile and context-aware computing.

More generally, I have an immoderate taste for old Apple Macs, 70s prog rock and Stanley Kubrick films.

Main technical associate with the group from June 2011 to December 2012, I am starting a PhD project about Interactive Collaborative Environments in February 2013. I also teach C++ to undergraduate students.