Designing the Jupiter Artland App

The Jupiter Artland App has been in development for the past few months and is nearing launch. This video gives a quick overview of the story of how it came to be!

Designing the Jupiter Artland App from Oli Mival on Vimeo.

Designing the Jupiter Artland App from Oli Mival on Vimeo.



CGI London Innovation Centre

We're very excited to be working with CGI (formely Logica) to design their new innovation centre in their London headquarters. We'll be intergating some cutting edge technologies into their world class innovation process to make for a space as exciting as it is functional.


ENQUEST's Decision Room completes onshore installation

The installation of the first phase of our project with Enquest is now nearing completion as the onshore space is installed and configured. Next up in Q2-3 this year will be the offshore partner to connect with the Aberdeen based space.


Astra Zeneca's New Collaboration Space Is Operational

Astra Zeneca's newest collaboration space, designed in conjunction with the Future Interactions Group, was recently completed. Designed as a standing meeting space, participants in meetings can collaborate with remote colleagues through HD vidcon, screen sharing and a 70" digital whiteboard. The lighting can adapt dependeing on context and also changes to ambiently notify when meetings are drawing to their scheduled end and people are waiting outside.


Working with EnQuest

We're excitied to announce our most recent collaboration with Enquest.

The project is focused on designing and developing a technical infrastrucuture and physical space to facilitate on and ofshore collaboration and communication and we hope to take in online early in 2013.