Professor David Benyon

Director of Centre for Interaction Design

Centre for Interaction Design
Edinburgh Napier University
Telephone:+44(0)131 455 2736


My research is based in human-computer interaction (HCI), particularly in the application of knowledge-based techniques to HCI. This combination takes us away from the idea of humans interacting with computers towards a view of HCI based on multiple interacting systems - some of these are human, others are artificial agents and others are non-intelligent information artefacts. People are then in a information space consisting of these other people, agents and artefacts. They have to navigate through this space. Thus the HCI research agenda needs to consider

  • methods for representing the information space both conceptually and physically
  • how knowledge and control are distributed throughout the human-computer system
  • how different people (and agents) will interpret the symbols used for communication in the space
  • how to support differences between people in their preferences and abilities to navigate the space
  • how to represent the distribution of knowledge in the space

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