Fascinating Mummies Exhibit at the National Museum Scotland

Dr Oli Mival was asked by the National Museums Scotland to pull together the exciting new research material from their Fascinating Mummies exhbition into an information video. This research brought together some of the world's formost experts in Egyptology, forensic pathology, radiology and a host of other domains to explore CT data gathered on one of the museum's mummies.

The exhibition has received excellent reviews and runs until May 27th. Find out more here.



A new video of the ICE in action

Here's a new video of the ICE in action in a multitude of different scenarios. It's a bit of a "greatest hits" of videos from the past but there's some new stuff in there too..


Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings in the ICE

Here's a quick video demonstrating the ICE being used for a medical MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) meeting where both local and remote participants can interact with a patient's medical data and case history for diagnostic and treatment purposes.


The Team grows

The full time Future Interactions team has grown this summer with the addition of two very talented developers, Aurélien Ammeloot and Richard Nesnass. They both bring enthusiasm and serious development chops to the team and have hit the ground running as the projects mount up!

Aurelien Ammeloot & Richard Nesnass join the team


The Digital Wall is installed

The next part of our Future Living Future Life project is underway with the installation of our 8K resolution (4320x1920) 2.5m x 1m digital wall. Using's cornerstone SDK for full hand n-point DI multi-touch combined with rear projection blending it's remarkably responsive and feels like a huge a 110" iPad! We're in beta period whilst we finish the 1.0 release of the software which will be a multi-user multi-touch mapping, services and timetabling resource for students and visitors alike.