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The website launches!

Welcome to FIN, the Future Interactions Network! 

Below is a video of the project that's kicked off this network, the future meeting room built by Dr Oli Mival at Edinburgh Napier University.

 The highlights include...

  • 104" bespoke multi-touch table
    The room’s centrepiece is the bespoke 104” true multi-touch rear projection boardroom table. The one piece 2.4 meter by 1.2 meter glass tabletop forms a fully interactive, orientation independent, multi-touch surface which allows for total room control as well as interactivity with all other screens. The table can recognise and interact with objects placed on it’s surface such as mobile phones, laptops or books using infra red fiducial markers.

  • 4 x 42" dual touch HD LCD screens
    Four 42” HD (1080p) dual point multi-touch LCD screens utilising diffuse IR overlays adorn two of the room’s walls. Each screen is driven by a dedicated computer running any one of 5 operating systems.

  • 46" true multi-touch HD LCD cell  
    On the center wall is a 46” HD (1080p) true multi-touch LCD screen built by multitouch.oy, pioneers in computer vision multi-touch techniques. The screen is capable of detecting finger and hand orientation as well as distinguishing between different users.
  • digitally augmented walls  
    Ignoring the fact that people are used to pens, notebooks and whiteboards would be a mistake. Rather than simply removing these from the environment the ICE digitally augments their functionality. All notes are digitised and can be automatically displayed on any of the screens, shared with remote sources or simply emailed to the note taker. Any item on any of the screens can be digitally annotated using augmented whiteboard pens. In addition, three large wall spaces, approximately 2.5 meters by 1.2 meters serve as traditional whiteboards with a twist as anything written on them is digitised and can be stored and shared in the same way as the output of the digital notebooks.


Want to learn more? Read about the history of the room including it's design concept as well as more about the hardware and the software that makes it all run.

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